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This Week in Cobb County: 05/30/24


The Primary election wrapped up last week, and although we did not achieve the desired result, I am proud of the campaign we all created. You can see my statement about this here.

The work continues, however, and so will this newsletter. This will continue to be a platform to inform and empower our readers about issues impacting the county. It will also be a place to highlight the good happening in our community, including the PORCH Communities initiative discussed below in today’s post.

Before we jump in, I do want to say that I am grateful for all of the messages and calls of support before and after the election. Each connection has informed me of how we must move forward to build our future together.

What’s Happening in the District 

A runoff election!

Cobb’s District 2 had five candidates running for Commissioner. Since no one received over 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff between the top two candidates: Jaha Howard and Taniesha Whorton.

My personal request to all of you is:

1) Spend time doing your own research on each candidate to learn about their vision for Cobb.

2) Vote!

Last week, 11,584 voters decided who should represent District 2’s 193,000 residents. The runoff is expected to have even fewer voters participating, so your vote will be absolutely critical.

The election is June 18th, with early voting taking place June 10th-14th. Click the link below for more details!

Runoff election details:

Community Spotlight 

My neighbor Carolyn Benkowitz introduced me to a wonderful group called PORCH Communities. It is a grassroots organization with over 2000 volunteers across 10 states and over 550 neighborhoods. They are mobilizing to create sustainable hunger relief programs in their local areas. Carolyn stepped up to be a coordinator for our neighborhood and there are opportunities for you to help as well.

How does it work?

  • Once a month, neighbors set food out on their front porch

  • Volunteers collect donations from the porches

  • Volunteers sort and deliver food to designated pantries and partners

How can you help?

  • Donate non-perishable goods through their monthly food drives

  • Give contributions to help support local food purchases

  • Volunteer at a PORCH event

For more details, visit:

The Big Story 

The upcoming Cobb County Board of Commissioners meeting, scheduled for June 11th, will be crucial in advancing the proposed MSPLOST. During this meeting, the Board will vote on the resolution to include the referendum on the ballot in November.

As a reminder, the Cobb County Mobility Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (MSPLOST) is aimed at improving transportation infrastructure and mobility within Cobb County. This initiative, which will be presented as a ballot referendum in the November 2024 elections, involves a one-cent sales tax to finance various transportation improvements over a period of 30 years. The 30-year duration is designed to maximize federal funding, reducing the financial burden on Cobb County.

If approved, the MSPLOST is expected to generate approximately $10 billion, which will be allocated to projects such as road widening, intersection upgrades, transit enhancements, and the development of pedestrian and bicycle paths. According to Cobb County, the MSPLOST would eliminate the need for transit operations to be funded by the county's general fund and instead cover the construction and operation of the new transit proposals during its duration.

The referendum will have a significant impact on Cobb County by addressing both current and future transportation challenges. With the county's population steadily increasing, traffic congestion has become a major concern for residents and businesses. The proposed improvements aim to reduce congestion, improve safety, and offer more efficient transportation options.

While not perfect, the sales tax approach ensures that the cost of these improvements is shared by everyone who shops and does business in Cobb County, including visitors, rather than relying solely on property taxes. This broad-based funding strategy makes the MSPLOST a fair and effective solution for addressing the county's transportation needs.

More information about MSPLOST:

BOC Meeting Recap 

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners held their regular meeting on May 28, 2024, at 7:00 PM. The meeting started with several presentations, beginning with a Certificate of Achievement for the Cobb 4-H teams advancing to the National Invitationals. The Board then designated May as Older Americans Month and honored Mt Zion Church's 147th anniversary. Furthermore, a proclamation was made for Management Week in Cobb County, and Certificates of Achievement were presented to graduates of Circles Cobb's first cohort as Circle Leaders, along with Certificates of Recognition for the Youth Commission Class of 2023-2024.

After Public Comment, the consent agenda was addressed, including authorizations for various grants and funds for the District Attorney's Office and the Water System. Additionally, several work orders and contracts related to stormwater management and utility improvements were approved. The Department of Transportation's Traffic Calming Policy and creating a new Street Light District were also sanctioned.

The regular agenda featured crucial decisions such as appointing the Property Management Director and approving ARPA beneficiary grants for Hospitality & Tourism organizations. Contracts for drainage system repairs, sidewalk projects, and final change orders for completed SPLOST projects were approved. The Board also authorized condemnation proceedings for a parcel on the Silver Comet Trail Connector. The meeting concluded with public addresses from the commissioners before adjournment.

For more information on Board of Commissioner meeting schedules and agendas, please visit this URL:

Important Dates

June 4th: Planning Commission Zoning Hearing

June 11th: Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

June 18th: Board of Commissioners Zoning Hearing

June 18th: Board of Elections and Registration Meeting

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