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This Week in Cobb County: 04/12/24


I’ll dive into county updates below, but today I want to take a moment to share something personal and important.

On Tuesday of this week, while I was landing at LAX for a work trip, I received a heart-stopping text message informing me that one of my very dear friends had passed away. He was just a couple of years older than me and had been battling cancer for the past two years. Despite fighting as hard as one could, cancer eventually took him from us.

However, one legacy he did pass on to me was the importance of getting a colonoscopy early. He had the procedure done at the prescribed age of 45, and it was discovered that he had stage 4 colon cancer. So, after speaking with my doctor and insurance company, I found out that I could get this procedure done before 45 - and so I did last year.

It’s important to note that not all polyps are cancerous, but all colon cancer comes from polyps. During my procedure, one polyp was found, and I am beyond grateful for my friend's advice.

I’ve also followed his request to talk to as many of my friends as possible about the importance of this screening. I discovered that there is a prevalent stigma and fear of colonoscopies. Yes, the day-before prep was less than fun, but the procedure itself was painless, quick, and potentially life-saving.

If you have been putting this off, or any regular health screening, please let 2024 be the year you get it done. If your insurance status is a challenge, contact Cobb & Douglas Health for guidance on the available resources.

What’s Happening in the District 

Keep Cobb Beautiful Community Recycling Event!

The Big Story 

This week, the Braves organization gave an update to the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, emphasizing the financial achievements and community impacts of Truist Park and The Battery Atlanta. The report highlighted a significant financial milestone, revealing that the investment has started to yield net positive returns, with a notable profit and a reduction in annual debt service. 

In 2023, property taxes from the Battery Atlanta complex exceeded the county's general fund payment into the debt fund for the second consecutive year, signaling financial prosperity earlier than predicted. The financial outlook was further brightened as property values within the complex skyrocketed from $5 million in 2014 to $767 million in 2023, with the general fund's contribution to the stadium's debt service significantly reduced, demonstrating the project's economic success and potential for future growth.

The Atlanta Braves, Truist Park, and The Battery Atlanta have shown remarkable financial and community contributions in 2023, according to a detailed infographic provided by Cobb County. The Battery Atlanta welcomed 10.3 million visitors, while Truist Park saw 3.2 million fans attend games. Together, they've contributed over $83.5 million to Cobb County and the Board of Education over the last five years, with $21.7 million in 2023 alone. Tax revenues generated for Cobb County and sales tax for the State of Georgia were notably high, underscoring the projects' substantial economic impact. Additionally, the presence of Fortune 500 companies and the high percentage of visitors from outside Cobb County and Georgia highlight the national appeal of these venues. The Braves and The Battery also demonstrated a commitment to local community support, providing significant grants to non-profits in 2023.

BOC Meeting Recap 

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting on April 9th began with several presentations, including the recognition of county personnel who responded to a medical emergency, as well as the issuance of proclamations for Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, National Crime Victims' Rights Week, and National Public Safety Telecommunicator's Week. An annual update on Truist Park and The Battery is also scheduled.

The consent agenda covered a variety of approvals and agreements, such as construction contracts for water main replacement and transportation projects, grant applications for transit bus replacements, and license agreements for the installation of a sanitary sewer line in a county park. It also includes items related to the county's library system, sustainability and waste management, property management, public safety, community development, the medical examiner's office, and risk management. 

The regular agenda focused primarily on transportation-related items, including submitting grant applications for various road and trail projects, approving consultant services and construction contracts, and ratifying emergency drainage repairs. The agenda also includes the approval of the relocation and restoration of the Power-Jackson Cabin at Hyde Farm, implementing a website using ARPA funding, and proposing amendments to the Board of Commissioners Rules of Procedure regarding public participation.

For more information on Board of Commissioner meeting schedules and agendas, please visit this URL:

Important Dates

April 16th: Board of Commissioners Zoning Hearing

April 23rd: Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

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