Breaking News: Map Lawsuit Dismissed

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GA Supreme Court Dismisses Map Lawsuit!
Unanimous decision keeps current map in place

We are relieved that the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously dismissed the lawsuit challenging the District 2 map based on standing.

Now, we need your financial support today! We are less than two weeks away from Election Day and our grassroots campaign is up against four other challengers in the primary.

Your donation will make a real difference. With your help, we can reach every voter in District 2 and ensure a high turnout. We need to raise $5000 to make this happen, and every $10 of your contribution will help secure one vote. We need thousands of votes. Can we count on yours? 

I'm proud to have stood by Commissioner Richardson and shown up from the beginning (remember my "Just Move" video on YouTube?). It's time to keep our district under the same level of leadership. 

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